Euthanasia and Assisted Suicide: The End-Of-Life-Choice Bill

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In August 2017, the Health Select Committee released its report on public attitudes to euthanasia and assisted suicide after a record breaking 21,000 submissions – the key finding being that “80% of submitters were opposed to a change in legislation that would allow assisted dying or euthanasia” (HSC pps.15 & 47).  However, Parliament is currently debating the End-Of-Life-Choice Bill which if passed, will make euthanasia and assisted suicide legal in New Zealand.


The Justice Select Committee are now inviting submissions on the End-of-Life Bill by Feb 20, 2018 before the Bill gets its second reading in Parliament.  The InterChurch Bioethics Council (ICBC) who represents the Anglican, Methodist and Presbyterian Churches of Aotearoa New Zealand on issues such as these, would like to encourage everyone to make a submission, giving their opinion on this legislation.  A number of resources have been provided to outline the issues that the ICBC have with this bill as well as information on how to make a submission.  These have been provided by us or used with permission from other sources.  You might also like to visit the ICBC website ( to see our previous submission, or visit which also contains a good summary of information.


If you require further assistance please contact us.

Rev Dr Barbara Peddie

Rev Dr Graham O’Brien

Co-Chairs The InterChurch Bioethics Council

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